Group Newsletter November 2022

Welcome to the latest newsletter.
The next meeting  is on Thursday 1st December 2022 7.30pm at Moordown Community Centre. As (was) usual in December it will be more of an informal gathering as we will just be writing cards as part of Write 4 Rights (see below). Please bring along any seasonal nibbles and any (non religious) spare cards.
Before then we have our Amnesty Quiz, and we’re delighted to say its going to be a full house.

Write for Rights (W4R)

It’s great to announce that Bournemouth library have welcomed us back to hold W4R in their foyer. We are booked for
Saturday 17th December 2022
W4R is Amnesty International’s annual campaign, sending greetings cards to prisoners of conscience, their families and other human rights defenders around the world.  In 2019, more than 6.5 million messages of support and appeal letters were sent during the W4R campaign. They made a big difference to the people and communities confronting injustice and facing human rights violations.
We have tried numerous venues around Bournemouth over past 20 years, most outside and invariably cold or wet, sometimes both. We’ve yet to finalise the times, but the more help we have the longer we can stay. Please let us know if you would like to help.
One case featured is that of Zineb Redouane. Her story is featured in the latest Europe Newsletter. But you can also download the 2022 W4R booklet

Indigenous leader Alvaro Bailarin Sapia shot dead 14 October 2022

South America Newsletter November 2022

As well as environmental destruction, the  human rights record of President Bolsonaro’s administration was appalling.  So there is cautious optimism around the election of President Lula de Silva in Brazil.  Elsewhere Columbia remains the most dangerous place to be a human or environmental rights defender. Between January and September this year 157 social leaders and human rights defenders have been killed.
In another alarming story, the United Nations report that in Paraguay the lack of enforcement of laws relating to pesticide use “generates impunity for human rights violations and abuses of thousands of people exposed to toxic contamination,” Read the newsletter for more on these countries, plus updates on Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, and Argentina.

Prof Şebnem Korur Fincancı

Europe Newsletter November 2022

At our last meeting we wrote letters on behalf of Prof Şebnem Korur Fincancı. Amongst other roles she is a prominent forensic medicine doctor. A criminal investigation was launched against her after she called for an independent investigation into allegations that Turkish armed forces might have used chemical weapons in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, in comments during a live TV interview. Amnesty International is calling for Prof Fincancı to be released immediately and unconditionally from detention and must not be prosecuted for her human rights work. From the newsletter you can download the sample letter we used last week.

Amnesty Quiz Night

Thanks to everyone who is supporting our Quiz Night at the Brunswick Hotel this Friday. We’re all delighted to be able to hold this event again, after a 3 year absence. Sorry if you were hoping to come but hadn’t got around to booking, but tickets have now all been reserved.

Amnesty Anti Death Penalty Project

Sadly the execution of Benjamin Cole went ahead last month in Oklahoma. But a reminder the state has a busy schedule for the next two years….

Oklahoma’s execution schedule

Richard Fairchild – 17 November 2022
Richard Eugene Glossip – 8 December 2022
John Fitzgerald Hanson – 15 December 2022
Scott James Eizember – 12 January 2023
Jamaine Monteil Cannon – 9 March 2023
Anthony Castillo Sanchez – 6 April 2023
Phillip Dean Hancock – 4 May 2023
James Chandler Ryder – 1 June 2023
Michael Dewayne Smith – 6 July 2023
Wade Greely Lay – 3 August 2023
Richard Norman Rojem – 5 October 2023
Emmanuel Littlejohn – 2 November 2023
Kevin Ray Underwood – 7 December 2023
Wendell Arden Grissom – 11 January 2024
Tremane Wood – 8 February 2024
Kendrick Antonio Simpson – 7 March 2024
Raymond Eugene Johnson – 2 May 2024
Carlos Cuesta-Rodriguez – 6 June 2024
James Dwight Pavatt – 11 July 2024
Clarence Rozell Goode Jr – 8 August 2024
Ronson Kyle Bush – 5 September 2024
Alfred Brian Mitchell – 3 October 2024
Marlon Dean Harmon – 5 December 2024

The newsletter has a link to write/email Governor Stitt of Oklahoma and tell him your thoughts on the death penalty and tell him to halt this schedule.
If you want to receive the newsletter contact

Morad Tahbaz

In April, following the release of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Anoosheh Ashoori after years of detention in Iran, we reminded you of the blight of Morad Tahbaz and Mehran Raoof, They are both British nationals still arbitrarily detained in Iran.

Amnesty International is still campaigning on behalf of both. Morad Tahbaz was part of a group of conservationists who were tracking endangered wildlife in Iran. He was arrested,4 years ago, and unjustly charged with “cooperating with a hostile state against the Islamic republic” and sentenced to 10 years in prison. He is currently detained in the notorious Evin prison in Iran.

Morad is also unwell. He has cancer and his family are increasingly worried for his welfare. He has lost a significant amount of weight and is denied adequate medical care and treatment. Please add your name to an online petition to the new Foreign Secretary James Cleverly to help free Morad.