Please Help by Taking Action

Please note

Please follow our Facebook page. This posts/shares a few actions each week – mainly petitions or emails you can do in minutes.

Over the past 3 years we had focused on putting actions in our newsletter, rather than on this page. From Spring 2016 we have stopped filling our newsletter with links, as many were not getting through. Unfortunately the word “free” has different connotations for spam filters!  We are currently trying to reinstate this page as the heart of “taking action.”

Take Action on Other Sites

Most Amnesty International sites have pages that have links to all their current actions. These vary from adding your name to petitions, sending an email, writing a letter or tweeting. We list a selection below as its a good way to find out whats going on and to do something positive. Most actions are possible wherever you are in the world.


In the UK you may also consider joining the Urgent Action Network

Amnesty International (general, non country specific site)

Amnesty Ireland

Amnesty USA

Amnesty Australia

Amnesty New Zealand

Amnesty Canada