Autumn Quiz 2014

Our quiz nights have been through a slight sticky patch, with venues closing or changing function. Also our Spring Quiz became a Summer Quiz this year, partly through the Art Exhibition and partly through having to find a new venue. Whilst a successful evening, numbers were a bit lower than usual – also due to the clash with England opening their World Cup bid (ha!!).

Queen Mary Inn

all squeezed into the Queen Mary Inn

For this Autumn Quiz we also had a new venue – the Queen Mary Inn, West Street in Poole. Whilst aware it was a bit smaller than other places we’d used, many of us were slightly taken aback with how small it was! As it happened we had 54 participants! Cosy is a bit of an understatement!!!

quiz amnesty

Sally keeps order and keeps a steady flow of questions

But it was a very enjoyable evening. With May again putting togather a raffle, the total profit came to £288. Thanks to the Queen Mary for hosting (for free) and to question setter (and bell ringer) David and quizmaster Sally.

If anyone wants a go at the picture quiz (celebrities when young), you can download it here picture quiz 2014. And if you want the answers go here  picture quiz answers