Write for Rights 2016

Every year Amnesty International has encouraged and helped groups send greetings cards to prisoners of conscience around the world in December. Traditionally there were just half a dozen names selected.  In recent years Amnesty has branded this as “Write for Rights” (W4R) and produced much more informative information leaflets, covering many more prisoners of conscience. We have always made this a mainstay of our December meeting.

If you would like to work on Write for Rights from home, or take to work on within a workplace or other organisation you belong to, please go to the AIUK site. You can download a PDF or follow up individual pages on the different cases.

We have been invited to have a W4R table at Direct Theatre Improv’s “Improvisation for the people!” at the Shelley Theatre, Boscome on December 4th, 7.30pm. This is billed as an “unscripted evening of crazy performance games, ludicrous scenes and bizarre stories, washed down with sumptuous songs and magnificent musicals!” But we hope to warm the audience up by getting them to sign some cards on their way in….