Write 4 Rights 2022

Sasha Skochilenko

W4R is Amnesty International’s annual campaign, sending greetings cards to prisoners of conscience, their families and other human rights defenders around the world. In 2019, more than 6.5 million messages of support and appeal letters were sent during the W4R campaign. They made a big difference to the people and communities confronting injustice and facing human rights violations.
We had two successful W4R events, at Moordown Community Centre and Bournemouth Library. Thanks, especially, to the library for being so welcoming and letting us set up in their upstairs entrance, rather than the downstairs foyer.
Its not too late to take part; please download the 2022 W4R booklet and send cards to those imprisoned for their beliefs – most for taking part in or supporting protests, such as Russian Sasha Skochilenko. She decided to peacefully protest by replacing price tags in her local supermarket with small labels carrying information about the the war in Ukraine. She faces 10 years in prison