Video Meeting October 2020

Issues Discussed 8th October 2020

We discussed at length the forthcoming talk on Syria, 21st October,  by Revd Dr Andrew Ashdown:-
The big issue is to how to promote locally and whether to invite other AI groups. Please can everyone let their personal contacts know and share within any groups they are involved with where at all possible.

We did discuss about inviting Bical, the new Local Groups organiser, who has take over from Farshid Talaghani, to the next meeting on the 12th November. Also to go ahead and order the W4R cards and leaflets in the hope something can happen. There was nothing in the Local Groups newsletter about this (or on the AIUK site). DR to liaise with LF and Bical – also to ask him what other groups are doing re W4R.

We did float the possibility of trying to liaise with churches and perhaps passing the information/cards to them if the library is a non starter.

DR reminded everyone that he has received further information on the Marielle Franco mosaic (Southampton group) and Auction of Promises (Croydon group) that was put on the blog page. He reflected that Marielle Franco is also our case file. The South America newsletter is also on the blog. Partly due to a lack of an AI researcher in Brazil there are no current Brazil actions. But there appear to be no updates on her case since the 2 year anniversary of her murder in March.

We reflected on the appalling developments in India, with AI India having to shutdown operations.

There was a reminder of the Activists Strategy Consultation Sessions at the end of October/early November. Sign up via the Local Groups newsletter. There is also a Panel Discussion scheduled on Saturday 10th October – World Day Against the Death Penalty. Hammersmith Group are also hosting a talk by Paul Bridges, chair of the Anti-Death Penalty Project, on 14th October.

Next Video Conference Thursday 12th November 8pm.    But don’t forget Syrian conflict: the human impact October 21st 7.30pm