Syrian Conflict: the Human Impact

Talk by Revd Dr. Andrew Ashdown Wednesday 21st October 7.30pm

Jane Waller from the New Forest Group recommended booking the Revd Dr. Andrew Ashdown. She attended a Zoom talk of his on Syria and found it very informative (and well presented).  Whilst the talk will highlight the dire situation and flag up some Human Rights abuses, he is not an “Amnesty specific” speaker.  Over the years the New Forest group have always worked to a very different model to ourselves. They would book a speaker of interest, related to human rights issues but not usually specific to Amnesty International, roughly every quarter. This would be open to anyone, but usually led to new members to the group.

Jane attended the talk when Andrew presented it to the Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group (SWVG). They are a group of volunteers who befriend and support adult asylum seekers and refugees in the Southampton area. (Andrew is from Romsey).

Andrew sent us the following:-

“The Syrian conflict: the human impact.

Revd Dr. Andrew Ashdown has made multiple visits to Syria since 2014, (and visited the country several times before the way) and has travelled extensively in Syria as a guest of local Church communities.  He has visited communities close to the frontlines and most affected by the war, including many internally displaced, and refugees in Lebanon and Iraq.  Last year, he was awarded a PhD for his thesis on Christian-Muslim relations in Syria both before and during the war and the importance of the Eastern Christian paradigm in that dynamic.  His work will be published in a book by Routledge in November for global distribution.  As well as continuing a priestly ministry, Dr. Ashdown is Manager of Good Governance and Advocacy Development for an International Charity.

In this illustrated talk, Andrew will describe the complex, diverse religious and social landscape of the country, some of the realities on the ground during the war, and the human impact of the conflict.  There will be time for Questions and Discussion.”

So this promises to be an informative and interesting talk. If undecided, you may wish to look at the slides from Andrews talk to the SWVG.  We doubt if he will use them all, as he said he will talk for an hour or so (there are 69!).

If you wish to have an invite, please contact us. We are likely to promote this talk and let other groups know, and there is no way of predicting how popular this will be. So please “book” by letting us know as soon as possible. Once we reach the limit set by Zoom we will have to say no to further requests.  Reminder –

Wednesday 21st October 7.30pm