Iftar in Ensbury Park

We co-hosted and helped organise an Iftar at Ensbury Park Community Centre on 5th April. The driving force behind it was Sister Tama, Islamic Faith Adviser at Bournemouth University. It was also supported by Grounded Community, BCP Council and BCP Shout-Out.

It was third time lucky! We originally planned an event for the 21st March at the Garden Rooms café. When this wasn’t able to go ahead we had an enthusiastic response from the Sister Tama, to the attend an Iftar she was organising at the University. This was set up for the 22nd, but then vetoed by the University, because “of the current political situation“!!

There were over 60 guests for the meal. We had a small stall and discussed some of the current campaigns we are working on. Special thanks to Mark Stimson, group member and Activism Rep, for his perseverance to make this event happen.

Interest in our campaigns, letters being signed

Mark Stimson welcomes everyone to the Iftar

Mayu Rousant gives a poetry reading