Group Newsletter October 2016

Welcome our the latest newsletter. Our next meeting is on 13th October 2016, 7.30 at Moordown Community Centre. On the agenda – quiz night and other events, an update on Case files (see below); stall publicity (please see ideas if coming to the meeting); planning.
Do check out our blog where there will be more details on some of the items listed below, plus a “take action” section, with our case file letters and links to the action pages of several national AI sections.

Autumn Quiz Night

This is now organised for Friday November 18th, 7.30 for 8.00 prompt at the Brunswick Hotel, 199 Malmesbury Park Road, Charminster, Bournemouth BH8 8PX.
For those unfamiliar, our quizzes are informal but competitive! Our Spring Quiz was very popular, to the point it was overcrowded. We are now obliged to limit total numbers to 50 via a “virtual ticket” system. Please go to our event page for more information and to reserve your tickets. Teams of up to 6, entrance £5 a person.
Sally Hawksworth has agreed to keep everyone in order and politely ask you things you don’t know; David Rogers has promised to come up with some stunning questions. May Stevens will be running the raffle – donations of prizes will be very welcome.

Refugees Campaign

The Refugees Welcome march took place in London (and other cities) on September 17th, two days before the major United Nations meeting in New York, attended by Theresa May. Sadly, as Amnesty anticipated, world leaders wasted a critical opportunity to tackle the global refugee crisis, when talks for a new UN refugee deal ended falling far short of expectations.
One clear way the UK government can do more is to expand family reunion to include child refugees. Family Reunion is the process by which refugees in the UK can sponsor immediate family members to join them here. At present children are the only refugees in our system denied the right to bring family members to join them through family reunion. Not only is this discrimination against child refugees clearly not in their best interests, it puts at risk their safety and well-being in the UK. It is also an incentive for family overseas to turn to smugglers and attempt dangerous journeys to reach them.
We are being asked to write to our Members of Parliament to support Amnesty’s campaign for child refugees in the UK to be able to be reunited with their families. AIUK has template letters you can use (they are written as if from a group, but easily adaptable from individuals)

Say No to Racism

In recent weeks, reports of hate crimes in the UK have increased. Fuelled by years of hostile rhetoric, coupled with divisive campaigns, we are now seeing racism and xenophobia on the rise on our streets and in our communities. On the A.I.U.K. website there is a page where you insert your postcode and it creates an email to your local councillors! This asks them to table a motion condemning this behaviour. Have a go…

Jorge Lázaro Samba Nunes dos Santos

The group are working on two case files at present; these are AI actions that focus on one individual or situation. This long term narrow focus ensures a constant pressure on authorities to take action.

We have been writing to authorities in Bahia State, Brazil on behalf of Jorge Lázaro for about 18 months now. Two of his seven children have been murdered. Jorge Lázaro has been under huge pressure since the first murder in 2008 : he is seeking justice for the killings of his sons, trying to keep himself and his family safe, and providing necessary minimum living conditions such as a home and food.

To add to the tragedy of two murdered sons, on July 10th 2016 Jorge’s youngest son, Denilson was shot whilst walking home. Luckily Denilson survived and is currently recovering.
There are downloadable letters you can adapt on our “take action” page.There is also a link so you can send him a message of support via AIUK.

Human Rights Act

We have frequently flagged up concerns re the current Governments intention to get rid the Human Rights Act. This protects the fundamental rights we all have as human beings, and allows us to challenge the authorities if they violate them. With the current Government personnel changes, there is a renewed effort from A.I.U.K. to bring this threat to everyone’s attention. Please go to their home page and sign the petition…


In the past we held many stalls at Trade Union Conferences when they visited Bournemouth, plus we had our own Garden Party. Times have changed, but as reported above, Ted and May still turn out at a variety of Fairs and Carnivals – such as in Winton, Boscombe and now Muscliff Funday!
So if you have any jewellery (even broken), scarves, handbags (particularly evening), books, bric-a-brac or other knick-knacks in any condition that you wish to donate, please let May Stevens know (01202) 510886. They can collect.