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Take Action on Other Sites

Most Amnesty International sites have pages that have links to all their current actions. These vary from adding your name to petitions, sending an email, writing a letter or tweeting. We list a selection below as its a good way to find out whats going on and to do something positive. Most actions are possible wherever you are in the world.


However, the best place to look in the UK is Urgent Actions

This is updated very frequently and most actions have a choice of online or letter. Its a good way to get an understanding of Amnesty Internationals work. Urgent Actions are international and usually very time limited (less than 6 weeks). On this page you will see the 12 most recently published actions.

You can also join the Urgent Action Network  and get email updates when there are new actions-

International Sites

This is a selection of sites where English is the first language. However, many countries have an AI presence and website, and with Google translate you can read it. For example this is Amnesty Chile

Amnesty International (general, non country specific site) This is actually the main Amnesty Site, which sits above all the national sites. This particular page doesn’t have a huge number of actions. But if you click on “Latest“, then either Campaigns or News you will get more interesting results.

Amnesty Ireland

Amnesty USA

Amnesty Australia

Amnesty New Zealand

Amnesty Canada