Group Newsletter November 2018

Welcome to the latest newsletter.
The next meeting  is on Thursday 8th November 7.30pm  at Moordown Community Centre. On the agenda:-  planning upcoming Quiz and  Write 4 Rights events, new case files and letter writing.
This is now definitely organised for Friday November 16h, 7.30 for 8.00 prompt at the Brunswick Hotel, 199 Malmesbury Park Road, Charminster, Bournemouth BH8 8PX. There was a slight hiccup as we had to change from our original date, but all is now well.
For those unfamiliar, our quizzes are informal but competitive! Teams of up to 6, entrance £5 a person.
Due to popularity, and past overcrowding we are now obliged to limit total numbers to 50 via a “virtual ticket” system.  Please go to eventbrite to reserve tickets. Don’t leave till the last minute and be disappointed…

The remains of the body of a UK-manufactured BL-755 aircraft bomb in Hajjah in northern Yemen.


Outrage over the murder of well-known journalist Jamal Khashoggi has hurtled Saudi Arabia into international headlines. But Khashoggi’s horrific killing is just the latest in a long list of human rights violations by the Saudi Arabian government.

It’s been three and a half years since the bloody conflict in Yemen began. The British government are selling billions of pounds worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, fuelling a dreadful conflict that’s left 22 million people struggling simply to survive. Despite this unimaginable human suffering, the UK government has shown no signs of halting their sales.

All sides of the conflict are responsible for violations of international law, but countless air strikes – led by a Saudi coalition – have killed thousands of Yemeni civilians. Homes, schools, hospitals, roads and factories have been obliterated from existence. As the war has raged on, Amnesty has documented these serious violations of international law.

Call on Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox to stop the UK supplying deadly weapons to Saudi Arabia.

South America Newsletter

The November edition of the South America Regional Newsletter is now on the blog. Our group has focused on South America since its inception. The 3 volunteers who run the network for AIUK – and produce the newsletter – do a huge amount of work on our behalf.

With the recent election in Brazil, the  Americas Director at Amnesty International commented
“The president-elect has campaigned with an openly anti-human-rights agenda and frequently made discriminatory statements about different groups of society. His election as Brazil´s president could pose a huge risk to Indigenous Peoples and quilombolas, traditional rural communities, LGBTI people, black youth, women, activists and civil society organizations, if his rhetoric is transformed into public policy.”