Group Newsletter June 2019

Welcome to the latest newsletter.
The next meeting  is on Thursday 13th June 2019, 7.30pm  at Moordown Community Centre. On the agenda  –  Review of campaigns; letter writing, planning events.  We haven’t had a meeting since the last newsletter; this is mainly a reminder of upcoming events and asking for your support…
We are planning our third AmnesTea. This will be on Sunday the 30th June 2019, 3pm to 5pm. Our secretary, Lucy Freeman has offered to host this event again at her home in Southbourne – obviously we were well behaved last time! What is an AmnestyTea? Well you, and any friend come along – possibly bringing cake 🙂 – and drink tea (or coffee, or whatever your comparable  beverage)
To make this more exciting, and more of a fundraiser, we are proposing a book stall. So baiscally bring along (1) people (2) cake (3) books (4) cash to spend..
You can read more about the previous events here  and
For the 5th year running we will be holding a stall, and taking part in the parade, at BourneFree. This will be on Saturday 13th July. This is Bournemouth’s LGBTI Pride event and the stalls are in Bournemouth Gardens. In many countries the LGBTI community are persecuted and, sadly, there are always cases we can feature. Unlike some events we do, its relatively easy to get cards signed and have conversations about Amnesty International and the work we do.
You can read more about last years event here
We need to have people running the stall from 8am till 5pm, so any help will be very welcome.

South American Newsletter June 2019

The latest edition of the South America Regional Newsletter is now on the blog and worth a read as this continent has so many issues relating to human rights violations.  In particular the deteriorating situation in Venezuela.

Justice for Venezuela

As reported in the Guardian last week, “more than 4 million Venezuelans have now fled economic and humanitarian chaos in what the UN’s refugee agency called a “staggering” exodus that has swelled by 1 million people since last November alone.”  As mentioned in the South American Newsletter,
Amnesty International produced two reports and is focussing two campaigns on Venezuela.

Amnesty has called on the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean not toimpose barriers that hinder the entry of those fleeing the crisis or to return anyone to Venezuela given the risk they run of suffering human rights violations. There is an online petition that you can sign here.

In the second report (Hunger for Justice), Amnesty highlight the selective extrajudicial executions, arbitrary detentions, and deaths and injuries caused by the excessive use of force by Maduro’s government. This has been part of a systematic and widespread policy of repression since at least 2017 and may constitute crimes against humanity. Amnesty International has called for a vigorous response from the international justice system. There is an online petition for this too – sign here.

At our meeting on Thursday we will write to the Venezuelan authorities about the fate and whereabouts of Gilber Caro, an opposition member of the National Assembly. He was reported to have been taken away by intelligence officers on 26 April 2019 while he was at a restaurant in Caracas. Nothing has been heard of him since…