AmnesTEA in Southbourne

Anna Moreton help the group’s first AmnesTEA last weekend in Southbourne. The concept is simple – you invite people around for tea and cake – and encourage them to make a donation.  That hides the amount of work behind the scenes, plus trying to publicise the event (and then work out numbers).


Anna and the core of Colanadan performing

I know Anna was supported by family, friends and other group members  – many of whom donated cakes (she is still probably having cake for breakfast!). She has a lovely garden and the weather held fair….  But as with organising anything you never know what (or who) to expect).

It was a tremendous effort by Anna, with a great result. As she says:-

‘The Amnestea raised £102.81 on Saturday and I’ll round it up to £110.  So thank you to everyone who baked, ate, and ate some more – cake.  I still have some left!!  The sun did shine and it looks like we got one of the few days it appeared.!!”

So be inspired, anyone who is thinking of doing a similar event. And talking of fund-raising – don’t forget the Christchurch Street Collection on Saturday 28th  July…..



It’s hard to illustrate a Tea Party…