Group Newsletter August 2018

Welcome to the latest newsletter.
We don’t meet in August, our next meeting  is on Thursday 13th September 2018, 7.30pm  at Moordown Community Centre. This is to update you on a few things that have happened – or about to happen….
Photo Exhibition Revisited

It seems ages ago (it was April)  but our Photographic Exhibition is a distant memory. Sadly, whilst not hitting the front pages, the plight of refugees continues.
Throughout the exhibition we had a video loop, compiled by Tom Wilson. This had several short videos highlighting some of the issues and reasons Amnesty International exists. We’ve put two of the most powerful, by Save the Children, on our blog. Do watch them and share – at 90 seconds and 2 minutes they won’t take long, but you won’t forget what it must be like for a refugee child…

New Forest Amnesty International Group
Saturday 1st September
The Lymington Centre (Robert Hole Room), New St, Lymington, SO41 9BQ
~ FILM at 2pm – Excerpts from AI WEI WEI’s HUMAN FLOW –
a documentary on the worldwide refugee crisis
~~~ Short AGM at 3pm ~~~


We had a another hugely successful return to Bournemouth’s LGBTI Pride event, BourneFree.  As in previous years we were in the Gardens with our stall from about 8.00am until 5.00pm.  We also took part in the parade. We had about 150 cards signed – 2/3 of which concerned Sakris Kupila. Sakris is facing discrimination in Finland because he is transgender.  He discovered he needed to be diagnosed with a “mental disorder” in order to change his name to one that he feels better matched his identity. Then he learned that in order to have his gender legally recognized, he would also need to be sterilized.
Read more on the blog

South America Newsletter

The August edition of the South America Regional Newsletter is now on the blog. Our group has focused on South America since its inception, which is also reflected in our case file – see below. The 3 volunteers who run the network for AIUK – and produce the newsletter – do a huge amount of work on our behalf.

Join Trump Watch

Attacking women’s rights. Slamming the door on refugees. Keeping Guantánamo open. Tearing children from their parents’ arms. The horror is real – but so is the resistance.

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