Autumn Quiz 2019

Thanks to everyone who turned out for latest Amnesty Quiz at the Branksome Liberal Club in Parkstone. 6 teams battled it out and we raised £220. With overseas postage now starting at £1.35 this is a great boost to our funds. And much more fun than doing a street collection!

Thanks to David Rogers for setting the questions and Lucy Freeman for running the raffle. Many thanks to the Liberal Club for providing us with an excellent function room (for free). We will use this venue again as it has capacity to hold double the numbers we had – and has a cheap, easily accessible bar!

If you missed out, below a few questions to have a go at. Answers in the next newsletter.

In 1696 the government of the day imposed a window tax, which led to people bricking up windows to reduce their tax burden. What famous two word saying originated from this tax?

In what decade was the MOT introduced?

Who came to prominence with the hit song Budapest?

Which common pet has the Latin name carassius auratus?

What is the 4th most popular surname in the UK – also name of an occupation (although different spelling)?

Which bank note will Alan Turing be appearing on in 2021?