Thank you for following us and taking actions on human rights’ issues this past year. This month we bring you news from Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Chile. We have a new Urgent Action to free a prisoner of conscience in Venezuela, a petition to sign on sexual violence against children and adolescents in Paraguay and good news from Brazil. We report on the continued violence in Colombia and further criticism from international agencies on police repression of the National Strike. There is good news for indigenous communities in Paraguay while in Colombia the IACHR finds them at great risk.


ParaguayOn 1 December, Amnesty published a new report about sexual violence against children and adolescents in Paraguay.  For girls, this often results in forced pregnancies, truncated childhoods and abandonment of their future ambitions. Here are eight facts to underline the seriousness of the issue. According to the findings, the highest authorities in Paraguay are not listening to professionals working on the issue.  You can support the accompanying campaign by signing this petition and by posting on social media using the material available here.

According to this news report of 28 December, the Paraguayan Government has granted land titles and financial compensation to several indigenous groups who have lost possession of their ancestral lands.  This includes the Yakye Axa and the Sawhoyamaxa, for whose rights many of you have campaigned in the past.  We will report further as more information becomes available. [click to continue…]

Group members at Bournemouth Library, with an onlooker!

Thanks to everyone who supported us today at Bournemouth Library. It is more challenging trying to engage with passing members of the public whilst wearing a mask, but we got a very positive response. It was quieter than 2 years ago, as there were no other events at the library, and understandably fewer choosing to visit with the new mask  restrictions applying.

Many thanks to the library staff for their help in facilitating this event, ensuring everything was in place for us, and then individually showing interest in the campaign and signing cards.

Europe Newsletter December 2021

December 11, 2021

Turkey Osman Cavala As reported in the last Europe Team Newsletter, entrepreneur and philanthropist Osman Kavala who was arrested in 2017 and charged with involvement in the Gezi Park protests and plotting to overthrow the state was due back in court on 26 November. Regrettably, at that hearing the court refused to release him from […]

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Group Newsletter December 2021

December 4, 2021

Welcome to the latest newsletter from your local Amnesty International group. We next meet at Moordown Community Centre on January 6th; but a week today you can join us at Bournemouth Library for…. Write for Rights 2021 We are delighted to announce that Bournemouth library have welcomed us back to hold Write for Rights (W4R) […]

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South America Newsletter December 2021

December 3, 2021

This month, we update you on developments in Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Venezuela. Amnesty International has released its latest report on the excessive use of force by Colombian authorities during the national Strike, where over 100 people suffered from eye trauma or got seriously injured. During November, military police and criminal gangs […]

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Europe Newsletter November 2021

November 14, 2021

Here is our November Newsletter with actions and updates. Please continue campaigning and organising. Refugees continue to drown in the Mediterranean sea, freezing to death in the forest at the border of Poland and are pushed back to countries where they suffer abuse. In the UK the Nationalities and borders bill will severely undermine the […]

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South America Newsletter November 2021

November 8, 2021

This month we bring you news from Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay and Chile. Amnesty has issued two new Urgent Actions: the director of a Venezuelan NGO remains in detention and we ask for his release, while in Brazil we are asking the Attorney General to investigate the government’s mishandling of the pandemic. Included are […]

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Group Newsletter October 2021

October 28, 2021

Welcome to the latest newsletter from your local Amnesty International group. This is relatively brief as we’ve yet to receive new updates from the Europe and South America teams (one consequence of changing to the first Thursday of the month!). But we meet a week today on Thursday 4th November 2021 7.30pm at Moordown Community […]

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Stop the Rights Raid

October 27, 2021

Below is a briefing from AIUK on current legislation going through Parliament that will impact on our rights. Currently there is an online petition relating to the  Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. Do write to your MP if you have time. There is a proform letter to MP – relating to all legislation – […]

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South America Newsletter October 2021

October 6, 2021

This month we bring you updates on human rights issues in Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina. Actions in relation to the second anniversary of the “Estallido Social” in Chile. The prison situation in Ecuador and the violent riot that occurred. The pressure of the IACHR over Bolivia to know the […]

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