marielle francoMarielle Franco was born and raised in a favela in Rio, Brazil. An elected councillor, she worked tirelessly to promote the rights of black women, LGBTI and young people.

Marielle inspired many people. She refused to stay silent about police killings and continued to speak out against injustice right up until hours before her brutal killing in March 2018. A car pulled up beside hers, and Marielle was shot four times in the head. Her driver Anderson Pedro Gomes was also killed.

People who defend human rights in Brazil, like Marielle, are often attacked or threatened. The authorities do not respond adequately – and most of these crimes go completely unpunished. Two ex military policemen are currently under arrest; unfortunately that can often lead to no further action. We need to maintain the spotlight on her case.

Marielle dedicated her life to speaking out for LGBTI, black and women’s rights in Brazil. She paid the ultimate price for defending human rights.

Demand a full, independent investigation into her murder by signing the AIUK petition to the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro. Click on the link below…

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The next meeting  is on Thursday 16th July 2020, 8.00pm, – on ZOOM.  Our initial Zoom meetings have been quite successful, so we will persevere with this platform whilst other options remain closed. A reminder it’s more of a discussion than a “meeting”, so do join us if you can. There will be campaign updates and a discussion on future plans as the lockdown lessens.
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Taner Kılıç

Taner Kılıç is one of the founding members of the Turkish section of Amnesty International and its president since 2014. Along with 22 others he was arrested in June 2017 and charged with belonging to a “terrorist organisation”. We featured him in this newsletter in February 2018. At the time he had just been released from prison, but he and 9 others were immediately re-arrested and taken back into custody.

We have just heard that Taner has been convicted of being a member of a terrorist organisation and sentenced to 6 years and 3 months in jail.   Idil Esler the former Director of Amnesty Turkey and two  other members of the “Istanbul 10” were also given prison sentences for assisting. This the reaction from AIUK Director Kate Allen:-
“This is an outrageous miscarriage of justice and it is heartbreaking to think of the impact on our colleagues and their families.  It is also frightening to think of the signal that it sends to human rights defenders in Turkey.  If even members of Amnesty International, with all of our strength as a global movement, aren’t safe, then who is?”
We will keep you updated of any actions relating to this case. More information here:-

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South America Newsletter July 2020

July 1, 2020

This month we have a good news item from Colombia and an Urgent Action on Venezuela. The Colombia section explores the data on killings of human rights defenders (HRDs) plus the latest forced evictions and news on anti-personnel mines. We follow the fate of Venezuelan immigrants in Peru, the excessive use of force by the […]

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Group Newsletter June 2020

June 18, 2020

Welcome to the latest newsletter. The next meeting  is on Thursday 18th June 2020, 8.00pm, – on ZOOM.  After the inaugural Zoom meeting last month proved a success, we will give it a go again this week. Its more of a discussion than a meeting. There will be updates on Europe and Refugee week – more details below, […]

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Central & Eastern Europe Newsletter June 2020

June 16, 2020

The situation for Human Rights worldwide is not improving, but campaigning pays a vital role in protecting and improving human rights. Please continue the great and vital work you are doing ! There are a number of very urgent Actions in this Newsletter. Please take action and distribute as far and wide as you can. […]

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South America Newsletter June 2020

June 3, 2020

This month, we inform you of two new regional campaigns aimed at addressing the impact of COVID-19 on human rights in the Americas. We also report specific COVID-19-related developments and concerns in individual countries.  In Colombia, there are reports of further forcible displacements and the targeting of Human Rights Defenders by the security forces.  In […]

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Europe Newsletter May 2020

May 24, 2020

As you can see from the last three posts, we have been somewhat focussed on Europe during the lockdown. This has led to some of us attending Ulrike Schmidt‘s talk from the Hammersmith group (via Zoom) on the 13th May, then our own Zoom meeting on the 20th. So we thought it useful to start […]

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Group Newsletter May 2020 UPDATE

May 18, 2020

Last September we had an excellent talk from Ulrike Schmidt – Shrinking Spaces in Europe. We delighted to announce Ulrike is giving a Zoom talk to Hammersmith & Fulham AI Group, “Human rights in Hungary, Poland and Central Europe” It’s open to everyone on Wednesday 13th May at 7.30pm. The only problem is, it clashes with […]

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Group Newsletter May 2020

May 7, 2020

The next meeting  is on Wednesday 13th May 2020, 8pm, – on ZOOM.  After a bit of experimentation we have decided to try and hold a virtual “meeting” – more of a discussion. More details below, but please reply if you would like an invite. Human Rights in Europe after COVID-19 At the start of the pandemic Amnesty […]

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Europe at a Crossroads

May 6, 2020

Last year we had a talk by Ulrike Schmidt “Shrinking Spaces for Human Rights in Europe“. She gave us an excellent overview on human rights infringements in Europe, with some actions we could take. Our group has continued to follow developments in Europe, particularly human rights infringements that don’t make the headlines. Amnesty International published […]

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