Write for Rights Site C Dam

A century ago Helen Knott’s great-great grandfather signed a treaty with the Canadian government to protect his people’s way of life in the Peace River Valley, British Columbia. But instead of honouring that promise, the government has ignored it and authorised a massive hydro-electric dam that threatens the way of life of the indigenous communities in the region.

The Peace River Valley is home to numerous cultural and heritage sites with a history spanning 10,000 years. Now members of the West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations have gone to court, insisting the government honours the 100-year-old promise and stops work on the Site C dam. Even though the case has not been decided yet, the hydroelectric company has begun clearing the valley.

Owing to the number of communities affected,Amnesty are asking people to send messages online using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #WithThePeaceRiver. These will be automatically added to our solidarity website, and shown at an Amnesty Canada event with the Peace River Valley communities in late 2016. More information (including how to write to President Trudeau) here, or go to the AI Canada page.