South America Newsletter June 2020

June 3, 2020

This month, we inform you of two new regional campaigns aimed at addressing the impact of COVID-19 on human rights in the Americas. We also report specific COVID-19-related developments and concerns in individual countries.  In Colombia, there are reports of further forcible displacements and the targeting of Human Rights Defenders by the security forces.  In […]

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Europe Newsletter May 2020

May 24, 2020

As you can see from the last three posts, we have been somewhat focussed on Europe during the lockdown. This has led to some of us attending Ulrike Schmidt‘s talk from the Hammersmith group (via Zoom) on the 13th May, then our own Zoom meeting on the 20th. So we thought it useful to start […]

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Group Newsletter May 2020 UPDATE

May 18, 2020

Last September we had an excellent talk from Ulrike Schmidt – Shrinking Spaces in Europe. We delighted to announce Ulrike is giving a Zoom talk to Hammersmith & Fulham AI Group, “Human rights in Hungary, Poland and Central Europe” It’s open to everyone on Wednesday 13th May at 7.30pm. The only problem is, it clashes with […]

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Group Newsletter May 2020

May 7, 2020

The next meeting  is on Wednesday 13th May 2020, 8pm, – on ZOOM.  After a bit of experimentation we have decided to try and hold a virtual “meeting” – more of a discussion. More details below, but please reply if you would like an invite. Human Rights in Europe after COVID-19 At the start of the pandemic Amnesty […]

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Europe at a Crossroads

May 6, 2020

Last year we had a talk by Ulrike Schmidt “Shrinking Spaces for Human Rights in Europe“. She gave us an excellent overview on human rights infringements in Europe, with some actions we could take. Our group has continued to follow developments in Europe, particularly human rights infringements that don’t make the headlines. Amnesty International published […]

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South America Newsletter May 2020

May 5, 2020

This month’s newsletter includes good news regarding the release on bail of a Venezuelan journalist, an urgent action for Colombia,  two regarding Venezuela  and a petition regarding the response to Covid-19. The Covid-19 pandemic and its effect on human rights is discussed in relation to several countries. In Colombia, the killings of human rights defenders […]

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Group Newsletter April 2020

April 6, 2020

Welcome to the latest newsletter. The next meeting isn’t happening! As you would expect, for the first time since the group founded in 1986 we won’t be having a meeting in April. Unfortunately Amnesty’s work cannot be suspended. Worldwide there are concerns about measures being introduced quickly, and with limited scrutiny, becoming permanent. And vulnerable, […]

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South America Newsletter April 2020

April 1, 2020

This month we cover the impact of Covid-19 on human rights in the region as well as more general human rights news. Amnesty has issued the human rights responsibilities for state response to Covid-19 for the Americas. This includes a paper which sets out four things governments should do and four things they should not. […]

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Group Newsletter March 2020

March 8, 2020

Welcome to the latest newsletter. Happy International Women’s Day. Sadly, all over the world, activists are being imprisoned, tortured and even killed just because they’re women. More on this below. Our next meeting  is on Thursday 12th March, 7.30pm  at Moordown Community Centre. On the agenda  –  Review of campaigns and letter writing. Its also our AGM – […]

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South America Newsletter March 2020

March 1, 2020

This report includes an urgent action regarding Ecuador, an online petition regarding  Venezuelan refugees in Peru, a forthcoming event  regarding Chile and the  petition signatures obtained regarding Ecuador and Argentina.  There is  an introduction to an AI annual report for the Americas and continuing concerns regarding Venezuela, including the prevention of a visit of a […]

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