Newsletter June 7th 2015


Welcome to the latest news from your local Amnesty Group.
Our next meeting is Thursday, 11th June  2015 at 7.30pm at Moordown Community Centre, Bournemouth. We will keep business to a minimum as we have a speaker,  Andy Moody, AIUK China coordinator.

We have recently taken on some Individual case files from China, and have periodically taken part in other campaigns.  But there is little doubt China remains one of the worst countries for trampling over its citizens Human Rights, and executes more people than the rest of the wold put together. So it will be interesting to hear what Andy has to say and whether there have been any successes in recent years.  So if you are not a regular attender, please come along as we would like a full house if possible.

Save the Human Rights Act

Whilst there is some relief that The Queens Speech didn’t reveal immediate legislation to change the current Human Rights Act, the Government still intends to introduce proposals to replace the Human Rights Act with a “British Bill of Rights”. It’s important that as many people as possible understand the implications of replacing this act and take action to ensure it’s saved. Amnesty International expect that this issue will be debating widely in the press and it is vital that we are able to ensure accessible and accurate information about the about the benefits of the HRA is available to supporters and our wider community.

There is a very good resource page on the HRA here  This includes a draft letter to your MP.  Whilst intended to be sent prior to the Queen Speech debate, its not too late to send, edited accordingly.  The more your MP realizes his constituents care about the HRA the more likely they won’t just nod through whatever Mr Gove comes up with. Do include a copy “briefing for MPs” at the bottom of the resources.  Don’t forget to also add your name to the petition Amnesty is sending to Michael Gove

Stop Torture Campaign

There is some great news that one of the people feature in the Stop Torture campaign, Moses Akatugba, has granted a total pardon by Emmanuel Uduaghan, the Governor of Delta State. At the age of 16 Moses was arrested, badly tortured into making a confession, then sentenced to death by hanging for stealing three mobile phones. After eight years in prison under threat of execution, Moses has thanked Amnesty supporters for their support and work on his behalf.

You may be surprised to know that companies based in the European Union are still marketing and trading in a range of security equipment which can be used to torture and ill-treat people. This has been highlighted in a new report just published by Amnesty International and the Omega Research Foundation:- MEPs are currently debating proposed amendments to the EU’s “Torture Trade Regulation” (in force since 2006). However, the report identifies gaps that would still remain even if these amendments are passed. It could be timely to send a message to your MEP (try and link to the report (on the press release page above).

You can also add your name to a petition from Amnesty to the European Union

 South America Update

The group has long been associated with South American.  We have recently adopted two new “Individuals at Risk” case Action Files – one from Brasil and one from Venezuela. At the meeting in April we started working on the Brazilian Action File – sending letters to authorities and a card in support to the individual concerned.  Last month we started work on the Venezuelan Action File.

We have just posted the latest newsletter from the South American Team, with updates on their work in seven countries. It gives a great insight into how much work is being done – and needs to be done. There are several actions you can take here if you so wish!

Street Collections 2015

Street collections are a very strange experience – you can get to feel totally invisible without taking anything illicit! You only need turn out for an hour or two and its very much a case of the more the merrier. They do generate valuable income (about £350 in 2014) and exposure. We have the dates of two of our collections (Wareham to follow) – please give an hour or two if you can. Please reply to this newsletter if you haven’t previously helped out and are willing to give it a try…

Christchurch Saturday 8th August

Bournemouth Saturday 3rd October



jewelleryIn the past we held many stalls at Trade Union Conferences when they visited Bournemouth, plus we had our own Garden Party.  Times have changed, but as reported above, Ted and May still turn out at a variety of Fairs and Carnivals – such as in Winton, Boscombe and now Muscliff Funday!
So if you have any jewellery (even broken), scarves, handbags (particularly evening), books, bric-a-brac or other knick-knacks in any condition that you wish to donate, please let May Stevens know (01202) 510886. They can collect.