Newsletter January 12th 2016


Welcome to the latest news from your local Amnesty Group.
Our next meeting is Thursday, 14th January 2016 at 7.30pm at Moordown Community Centre, Bournemouth. There will be an element of planning for the year ahead, reviewing where we are in the various campaigns signed up for. We also have a new letter to send, relating to our Brazilian Action File.

Write for Rights

Thanks to everyone who turned out and took part in the three different W4R events in December. At this point we’re not sure exactly how many cards were sent, and in particular how many by Joe Public rather than group members. The weather at Castlepoint was atrocious and at this and the arcade event it wasn’t easy to get people to stop – those that did often gave us money rather than spend a minute signing a card.

Speaker on Brazil

The one event planned, so far, for 2016. The Brazil country coordinator Ellie May is coming to speak to us at our meeting on April 14th, Moordown Community Centre.  The group has been associated with South American campaigns for most of its existence, and Brazil has always generated most work. We currently have an open action file centred on an individual in Brazil.  The other issue related to Brazil is, of course, the summer Olympics. This should be an ideal time to flag up human rights abuses in a country that is sensitive to international opinion.

So please put 14th April in your diary now.


Your editor sends apologies for the somewhat brief and “cut down” version of this newsletter. This isn’t just tardiness on my account. I’ve been concerned about the number of newsletters that “bounce” – not just go into spam folders but don’t get through your service providers firewall. I’m assuming this is partially because of the number of links and pictures I normally include. Also some of the language may be misconstrued by spam filters – such as the four letter word beginning with f and ending with two e’s that has a very different meaning when used by Amnesty.

I’ve also avoided my habit of using exclamation marks, as apparently they also get flagged as spam – nearly did one then. Anyway, lets see if this newsletter gets through to more of you. You can also ensure delivery by adding us to your contacts, address book, or whatever system your email uses to prioritise emails.