Marielle Franco – message from her family

Since sending out the newsletter, (see below), that features the murder of Marielle Franco, almost two years ago, there have been two developments.  Amnesty Brazil have released a video from Marielles family thanking everyone for their support in the campaign to get justice for Marielle. In the video above you hear from Antônio and Marinete (her parents), Anielle (sister), Luyara (daughter) and Mônica (partner).  More than 30.000 thousand letters of support from around the world have been delivered to the family of Marielle Franco; she featured in Write 4 Rights 2018 and many groups and individuals have continued to campaign.

Less good news is that Adriano da Nóbrega – a notorious hitman, whose gang of contract killers is suspected of involvement in Marielle’s assassination – has been gunned down by police in the north-east of the country. Read more about this in the Guardian:-