Group Newsletter September 2021

Welcome to the latest newsletter.
We are delighted to announce that our next meeting will be Thursday 7th October 2021, 7.30pm  at Moordown Community Centre.
We last met there in March 2020, little knowing we would have such a long break. We have had a mix of Zoom meetings and a speaker since. But as we’ve unable to hold events, most of us have found this very unsatisfactory.
So do join us for this relaunch. We have taken this opportunity to switch from the 2nd Thursday to the 1st. The agenda will be updates on campaigns, letter writing and planning.

Egypt: Young Women Jailed for “Indecency”

In Egypt, Haneen Hossam and Mawada el-Adham, social media influencers in their early twenties, have been sentenced to years in prison for ‘encouraging’ young women to share supposedly ‘indecent’ content on social media.
Amnesty International believes that they are being punished for the way they dance, talk and dress, amid a crackdown on women’s freedom of expression, and attempts to police women’s conduct online. They are both being held in al-Qanater Prison for women.
If enough people take action, it will send a message to Egyptian authorities that the world is watching, and will put pressure on them to release Haneen and Mawada.
Sign the petition calling on the authorities to release them

South America Newsletter September 2021

Since the last newsletter there have been two newsletters from the hard working South America volunteers. The latest edition has updates on developments in Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.
In our last newsletter we highlighted that indigenous Brazilians are 68% more likely to catch Covid-19 and their mortality rate is 58% higher than for the rest of the country. According to official counts, 523,000 Brazilians have died from Covid-19 as of 3 July.
This newsletter draws attention again to the police in the state of Rio de Janeiro killing with impunity. Rio police killed 1,814 people in 2019, a new high. Black Brazilians are almost three times as likely to be killed by the police as white Brazilians.

Gustavo Gatica

Gustavo Gatica

Gustavo Gatica, shot in both eyes with rubber bullets, by police, and blinded.

Send a Tweet to Boris and Dom

In their report “Eyes on Chile“, Amnesty International exposed widespread violations by police officers in Chile for at least a month and a half following the protests that began in October 2019.
If you use Twitter, Instagram or Facebook would you post or tweet to Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab? President Sebastian Piñera is currently touring Europe and visit the United Kingdom at the end of this week.  Amnesty UK regards this tour as an opportunity to raise awareness of the widespread human rights violations that took place almost two years ago. During the protest in which Gustavo Gatica was blinded; others were killed, seriously injured and raped. Here are details of how to take digital action.

Europe Newsletter August 2021

There is a very comprehensive newsletter,  with many of the reports relating to the treatment and abuses suffered by refugees around the continent. So the team are organising a Demonstration and Day of Action for the 23rd of October, campaigning for safe and legal routes for refugees, the right to asylum and respect for the dignity and human rights of refugees.

Demonstration: Defend the Right to Asylum
Saturday 23rd October
Assemble 12 noon at Embassy of Switzerland
Finish at 3.30 pm at the Home Office.