Group Newsletter May 2020

The next meeting  is on Wednesday 13th May 2020, 8pm, – on ZOOM.  After a bit of experimentation we have decided to try and hold a virtual “meeting” – more of a discussion. More details below, but please reply if you would like an invite.

Human Rights in Europe after COVID-19

At the start of the pandemic Amnesty International produced a document “Europe at a Crossroads“.  Amnesty International doesn’t take a position on the type of public health measures governments should take. But the document spells out that governments should ensure that all such measures are consistent with their human rights obligations. It lists eleven  “Dos” and “Don’ts”.
You can download the document on our blog; we’ve also posted a summary (although the document itself is quite short). We are planning to use this as a starting point for our Zoom discussion next Wednesday.
Lucy-Ann Pope has also agreed to share more recent updates, concerns and actions from one of AIUK’s Europe coordinators. However, we aim to start putting more of this information on the blog – we won’t overwhelm you with information next week!
So please join us. The call is booked but we need to invite you prior to the call – so do reply to this newsletter asap.

South America Newsletter

The May edition of the South America Regional Newsletter is now on the blog. Our group has focused on South America since its inception. The 3 volunteers who run the network for AIUK – and produce the newsletter – do a huge amount of work on our behalf.
The Covid-19 pandemic and its effect on human rights is discussed in relation to several countries. Plus updates on many other ongoing issues.