Group Newsletter July 2021

As we flagged up last month, we are planning to relaunch the group when we are able to return to Moordown Community Centre in the autumn.  Normally this time of year we would be running a stall at Bourne Free. Sadly, whilst there is a Pride event in Bournemouth at the end of August, it is restricted due to COVID and there are no stalls.
But human rights abuses continue and there are details and a variety of actions below.
Here’s why thousands of people are taking to the streets in Cuba – click the clink for a brief video

Protests and Campaigns in Cuba

On 11 July thousands of people took to the streets in Cuba to peacefully protest over the economy, shortages of medicines, the response to COVID-19, and harsh restrictions on freedom of expression and assembly.  Find out more about what has been happening and what you can do.
There had been a recent waves of arbitrary detentions, surveillance and harassment of members of Cuba’s San Isidro Movement – composed of artists, academics, and alternative thinkers. The Movement had been set up to defend the freedom of expression of artists like them. Prior to the protests, Amnesty had started a campaign – #TheEternalFlame – to put pressure on the Cuban authorities for change, as well as show solidarity with the San Isidro Movement.
The petition you can sign is the existing one linked to this #TheEternalFlame campaign (UK = Reino Unido)

South America Newsletter July 2021

The latest edition of the South America Regional Newsletter has updates on developments in Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, and Chile.  Amnesty International reviews the victims of excessive use of force by Colombia’s security services during the recent National Strike, and analyses the killing of 199 Human Rights Defenders in 2020, a new record. Amnesty International continues with its action on behalf of Human Right Defenders – see below.

In Brazil , according to the indigenous organisation APIB, indigenous Brazilians are 68% more likely to catch Covid-19 and their mortality rate is 58% higher than for the rest of the country. According to official counts, 523,000 Brazilians have died from Covid-19 as of 3 July.

Protect María, Jani, Joel, and Danelly

Colombia is the second most mega-biodiverse country in the world and is home to the Amazon, which makes up almost 40% of its territory. At the same time, it is the most dangerous country for those who defend our environment.

María, Jani, Joel, and Danelly are brave people who have been among the voices and protectors of our environment and natural resources in Colombia. In a country where the attacks that they suffer from usually go unpunished and authorities appear ambivalent about their safety, they are forced to risk their life on a daily basis to defend the water, oxygen, and food that we all depend on to live.

The Colombian Congress has the power to monitor that human rights defenders have the guarantees necessary to continue protecting the environment. Take action and call on the Colombian Congress to guarantee their safety and protection.

Europe Newsletter July 2021

This month there are reports from Turkey, Switzerland, France, Greece, Kosovo, Denmark, Czech Republic and Hungary. On 21 May 2021 Hungary took the Presidency of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers amidst a serious national human rights, democracy and rule of law crisis which has no end in sight. The newsletter expands on the situation in Hungary and the series of laws adopted in the last few years which curtail the enjoyment of human rights enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

After targeting Roma, Refugees and NGO’s the Hungarian Government has recently turned on LGBT communities. A new law passed in June states that any education or depiction of  consensual same sex relationships or the affirmation of one’s gender must not be accessible to under-18. The newsletter has links to this and details of other legislation recently passed.