quiz 18

1 What is the first word of the song Bohemian Rhapsody?   Is

2 Otto Frederick Rohwedder invented a machine that revolutionised a staple product. It came on the market in 1928.  All great things have been compared with it since?  made sliced bread  

3 Captain Cook’s most famous ship, in which he sailed on his First Voyage round the world?  Endeavour

4 Robert FitzRoy was the captain of the Beagle during Charles Darwin’s famous voyage. He was also a Governor of New Zealand and established what is now called the Metrological (or Met) Office. How is he commemorated?  Sea area of the shipping forecast (above Trafalgar, left of Biscay, below Sole)

5 In this year’s Soccer World Cup finals England played 7 matches. How many did they win?  [2021 update Euro 2020 finals when they won 5,  drawing with Scotland and losing to Italy]

6 Which is the most northerly of the 5 Channel Islands?  Alderney

7 What was the name of Henry VIII’s 4th wife?  Anne of Cleves (no point for Mrs Tudor)

8 Singer Aretha Franklin died in August 2018. She only had one film role where she played a character called Mrs Murphy and wore pink fuzzy slippers. Name the film (or its sequel)? Blues Brothers (or Blues Brothers 2000)

9 Which monarch originally or dered the building of what we now call the Tower of London? William 1 (William the Conqueror)

10 Who was the first artist to be banned by the BBC – in 1937 – for his songs lewd lyrics?  George Formby (for my little stick of Blackpool rock)

11 Which company has recently rebranded a product – on the shelves for over 60 years – after complaints it is sexist?  Kleenex (Mansize will now be called Extra large)

12 Which city will host the 2024 Summer Olympics? Paris

13 In the James Bond film “Licensed to Kill”, released in 1989, and the last to star Timothy Dalton, the lead character does something else for the last time? Smokes a cigarette 

14 The asterisk * appears above which number on a keyboard?  8

15 In Bingo, which number has the nickname of “Droopy Drawers”?  44

16 In which country does Jarlsberg cheese originate?       Norway 

17 How many cities are there in Cornwall?  One (Truro)

18 What type of pastry is used to make profiteroles?  Choux

19 What controversial structure went up in 1961 and came down in 1990?  Berlin wall

20 Which is the largest castle in Wales, and the second-largest (after Windsor) in Britain?  Caerphilly

21 Which well-known Japanese word translates as “empty orchestra”?  Karaoke

22 Who wrote the opera Peter Grimes?  Benjamin Britten

23 Which board game was invented by architect Alfred Butts in 1938?  Scrabble

24 What links Carol Thatcher  Mo Farrah, Scarlet Johansson, Elvis Presley? all  twins

25 Only US State with no straight edge on any of its borders?  Hawaii

26 In which city is Hollyoaks set?     Chester

27 The city of Glasgow is situated on which river?  Clyde