Chile – 40th anniversary of the Coup

elgueta chileOn the Amnesty Website there are two news stories under the “Life under pinochet” byline. One has an extraordinary testimony from Chilean activist Gloria Elgueta in her struggle to ensure truth and justice for the disappearance of her brother. The feature includes details of the former detention centre Londres 38. Please read this story here

Please also find below, as part of the feature special on Chile, the story of Mario Irarrazabal, the artist who created the famous sculptures of hands “coming out” of the ground in various cities. Mario is also one of the few people who survived Londres 38, one of Pinochet’s brutal torture centres.

Amnesty International will issue a press release to mark the 40th anniversary of the coup (11 September 1973) . A petition will be delivered to the Chilean Authorities asking President Sebastián Piñera and relevant authorities in the Chilean Parliament to:

  • Repeal the 1978 Amnesty Law (Decree Law 2,191) and any other measures granting amnesty to perpetrators of human rights violations.
  • Reform the Military Code of Justice to ensure that human rights abuses by military personnel and security forces in Chile are investigated and tried under the civilian courts.
  • Support and strengthen the initiatives aimed at preserving the historical memory of the gross human rights violations.
  • Put human rights at the forefront of all policies and programmes.

Please sign the petition here