Amnesty Quiz Night

“Which Yorkshire town has name which means “broken bridge” in latin?”

On Saturday 28th April we held another (? 12th) Quiz Night in Christchurch at ye Olde George Inn.

amnesty international quiz night

quiz master David Brown, ably assisted by Rosemary Brown

The questions, as ever, were somewhat difficult and devious.  The participants, dedicated, hard-working and sharp as ever..


David and Rosemary Brown both created and set the questions, and kept proceedings in order.  The evening raised nearly £150, and (as ever) helped nudge our profile up a notch.

“The didgeridoo is made from a branch of which tree?”

“In which country was Gabriel Fahrenheit born?”

amnesty international quiz

overwhelmed by the raflle prizes...

“David Balfour is the hero of which R.L. Stevenson novel?”

amnesty international quiz

eyes down...

“How many hands does the Big Ben clock have?”

amnesty international quiz

small, but cosy environment...

“Which British flower is known as the Lent Lily

amnesty international quiz

high tension....

“How many U.S. cents in a nickel?”

amnesty international quiz

Ted's speech drives audience to drink, stupour and dispair...

Can you name all these Georges …this was our table picture quiz… click here

The winning team scored 66 out of 70. sign up for our newsletter for details of our Autumn Quiz in Poole…

amnesty international quiz

sadly just one bottle per winner....

“Which is the largest island in the Caribbean?”

“Which is the largest city on the South Island of New Zealand?”

“Who is the author of the recent autobiography Over the Moon?”

How did you do? Answers to the questions on this page in our next newsletter.