Autumn Quiz Night

What was the final score in this year’s Ryder cup?

For the first time we held our quiz at the Britannia Inn, Lower Parkstone. This proved an excellent venue – not only did they not charge us, but a comfortable (and clean!) environment with easily accessible bar goes a long way towards a successful quiz. With around 50 contestants, usual hosts David and Rosemary Brown, kept us entertained and baffled!

amnesty international quiz

…..lots of thinking and debate……

What was the name of Long John Silver’s parrot?

Including the raffle we made £215, which is an excellent effort – and far more fun than street collections!

amnesty international quiz

amnesty international quiz

Where are the Atlas Mountains? Who is Minister for the Arts? Where did you get those raffle prizes from?

amnesty international quiz

……Andy tries to hide the fact he is laughing at Ted’s joke…..

amnesty international quiz

…….winners take all……..

Thanks again to David & Rosemary, and to the staff of the Britannia Inn, for a great evening.